Terms and Conditions
Linksbeat is a Portal where anyone can submit their website’s link to get the Benefits of quality back links and fast Google ranking. But we have some set some rules you need to understand and follow if you want to set an account in Linksbeat.
By registering an account in Linksbeat.com means you are bound to our Following Terms and Condition:
  1. By Submitting Content to Linksbeat.com you granted us permission us to publish, display, modify, and distribute your content Online.
  2. If you use any words related to prohibition than we have right to delete it without informing you. Content is Strictly Prohibited if –
    • You Use of Foul or abusive words, Threat or harasses
    • Content is Spam
    • If Content involuntary Pornography or Nudity
    • Content contains Confidential Information If you don’t follow these conditions, even after warning than we can Temporary or permanently suspend your account.
    • You cannot Submit Other Link of other brands to Linksbeat.com without the Confirmation of the Owner of those Product/Services. If we get Complaint we will not only delete your submissions but your account will also be got banned.
    • In Linksbeat.com we will send you a new password on request but if there’s any Complication regarding Password changes we are not responsible. In this case, create a new Account. In Linksbeat.com selecting a wrong category even after submitting the Multiple right Posts, we have right to ban your account.
    • If you want to delete a Submission from Linksbeat.com by sending us a request by email using your Official ID, we will delete it in 5 working days or in a month if there’s complication. If your Submission is still at Linksbeat.com than there can be many reasons such as we never received your mail.
Note - We reserve all rights to Change Terms and Condition or Guidelines of Linksbeat.com at any time without any notice.